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Crochet Scarf Patterns

Good evening my favorite crocheting gypsies! I thought that we would look at some awesome, easy crochet scarf patterns today.  Can you ever really have enough scarves?  I say no … my husband would say yes since we can barely shut the closet door anymore due to my daunting scarf collection.  Regardless, I did some searching of my own today and found a few that I think are really beautiful patterns and are available for free.

The first one I want to link too is from Laughing Purple Goldfish.  This is a very speedy and easy design because the author uses four different strands of yarn at once.  Also, once you do the initial chain the entire pattern is made up of double crochets which I show you how to make here.  Even though the design is simple I think the finished product is great due to the chunky stitch and mix of colors.  Props to you Laughing Purple Goldfish!  Below is a photo of the scarf:

One hour scarf: Laughing Purple Goldfish

One hour scarf: Laughing Purple Goldfish

So, next up for crochet scarf patterns is the “Softness Cloud Scarf” I found on the blog Valerie’s Corner.  If you speak French, then you’re golden!  If not just scroll down and she has an English version posted as well.  The pattern is very straight forward, composed of double crochets and increases.  One interesting thing to note about this design is that she has you use three different size hooks.  So check ahead to make sure you have them on hand and also remember to change it up as the pattern calls for it.

Softness Cloud Scarf: Valerie's Corner

Softness Cloud Scarf: Valerie's Corner

Next!  We have the Scallop Scarf available here as a free Ravelry download.  Once you create a Ravelry account you can download the pdf.  Which is convenient to print out and carry with you!  This scarf alternates one row of single crochets, one row of double crochets and one row of scallops.  Which is another great technique to learn and have in your arsenal.  Here is a photo of the finished product:

Scallop Scarf

Scallop Scarf

Now, last but certainly not least is the Claudia Scarf from the blog A Little Slice of Life.  I love the dainty factor in this scarf which allows it to drape so beautifully.  This is a slightly more difficult pattern.  First off, you’ll want to notice the author’s note at the beginning.  She has you create the first half of the scarf and then rejoin the yarn in the back of the foundation chain to create the second half.  This seems to be essential in creating a symmetrical piece.

This scarf is done using mostly double crochets, however you will want to follow the pattern closely in order to make sure you skip the appropriate number of stitches.  Also, don’t forget to scroll down and use the pattern with US terms.  The UK terms could get a bit tricky.

Claudia Scarf

Claudia Scarf: A Little Slice of Life

Ahhh, that’s a nice lineup!  Choose from any of these four scarves and you’ll be looking stylish in no time.  I hope you enjoyed today’s blog on crochet scarf patterns.  Keep checking back as I continue to post more crochet love.

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  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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